With a population of *203,007 Oxnard CA is the most populated city in Ventura County and just a short drive away from Los Angeles. Located on some of the most fertile soil, the city is home to beaches, wetlands, dunes, Channel Islands Harbor and a variety of wildlife. Oxnard's soil also lends itself to a strong strawberry crop each year. In fact, strawberries are Oxnard's claim to fame and each year the city hosts the California Strawberry Festival during the summer.

The median home sale price in Oxnard is 480,000 and is made up of several neighborhoods that create a diverse culture in the city. The Carnegie Art Museum is located in the city, as well as The Heritage Square. There is also a yearly Oxnard Independent Film Festival, perfect for the film lovers. And, for those who love the beach, Oxnard is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and is well-known for its high quality surf.  With so much to do, there is something for everyone in Oxnard CA.  

*Population figures are 2013 estimates provided by the U.S Census Bureau. Median home prices are as of Jan,18 2015.