Fillmore is a city in Ventura County, California with a population of *15,255, located in the Santa Clara River Valley.  In an agriculture area with rich, fertile soil, Fillmore has a historic downtown that was established when Southern Pacific built the railroad through the valley in 1887.  They also provided a name for the town; J. A. Fillmore was a general superintend for the company's Pacific system. 

In 1769, the Spanish Portola expedition, first Europeans to see inland areas of California, came down the valley from the previous night's encampment near today's Rancho Camulos and camped in the vicinity of Fillmore on August 11. Fray Juan Crespi, a Franciscan missionary travelling with the expedition, had previously named the valley Cañada de Santa Clara.  He noted that the party traveled about 9-10 miles and camped near a large native village.

Fillmore is within a historic Ventura County agricultural and tree-farming belt. It is home to the Fillmore Unified School District. Educational facilities for this district include two high schools, one middle school, and 4 elementary schools.  A fifth elementary school is located in the city of Piru, which is also a part of the school district.  Another K-8 private school, the Fillmore Christian Academy is also located in the city.  Sespe Condor Sanctuary, where the critically endangered California condor is recovering, lies to the north.  The nearby Sespe Creek is a tributary of the Santa Clara River.

*The median home sale price in Fillmore, CA is 373,500.

 *Population figures are 2013 estimates provided by the U.S Census Bureau. Median home prices are as of Jan,18 2016.